During the apartheid years the Federation of Transvaal Women (FEDTRAW) initiated a pre-school training program and established a number of pre-schools throughout Transvaal.

Mrs Winnie Mazibuko, a member of FEDTRAW, identified the need for a pre-school in Orange Farm and consequently established the Imbali Pre-School with 5 children and 1 teacher. With help from the community a one-room structure was erected between the shacks. This structure housed the first group of grade ones. Kagiso Trust funded this structure and after the introduction of the new dispensation in South Africa these funds were withdrawn.

With Orange Farm located approximately 55 km’s from south of central Johannesburg stricken by a high unemployment rate which contributes to the extreme poverty in the area, It soon became evident that there was a crying need for education beyond the level of edu-care ,and in 1991 Mrs Mazibuko Mahasela established the Imbali Combined School with a vision of creating learning facilities for learners and create employment for local residents.

In 1994, the school applied successfully for funding from the new government, this funding has made extensions to the structure possible. Initially the school was staffed by graduates of the FEDTRAW Pre-school project who improved their qualifications and became qualified teachers. Because these teachers were drawn from the community and were seen to be motivated and committed, the community around the school became interested and the school has become very popular. As Imbali could not cope with level of enrolment, this necessitated continuous extensions to the school building which is currently 4 blocks of classrooms (22 classrooms in total), an administration block, a staff room, a school hall and a kitchen.